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My son, Becan, is a 6 year old with Sensory Integration Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  He attended the Summer Session of Soaring Eagles.   When he started at Soaring Eagles, Becan was extremely shy and became very agitated if asked to approach someone new.   On his first day of school this year, he made a new friend!  Soaring Eagles gave him the confidence and the skills to meet new people and reach out to them. 

Becan loved all of the hands-on activities, but his favorite day was Science Day, when he got to make his own lava lamp, which he STILL uses!  He left each session saying, “Mom, I had fun!”  Ms. Jenny & Ms. Amanda helped him overcome his shyness and anxiety by engaging all of the children in a “getting to know you” activity each day and Becan came to expect and look forward to this event, especially when they used the “Mystery Box.”   Every Saturday was organized around a specific theme, such as “Water Day” and “Science Day.”  They even brought in a sign language expert who taught the children some basic signs! (Also a very fun day for Bec)

Soaring Eagles helped Becan to see that there are many types of personalities and many different ways to interact with others.  He learned that being different is OKAY and that these friends accepted him as he was.  He learned that different isn’t bad, it’s just different, and different can be beautiful. 
I’ve watched Becan grow in confidence through the summer months, and his first month and a half at school  is a testimony to how that new-found confidence has helped him to enjoy being “just being a kid.”   New situations have always been difficult for him, so watching him walk into all new surroundings and new people without being overwhelmed by anxiety is a blessing that I have to thank the incredible women at Soaring Eagles for!   Jenny & Amanda embraced my son completely and helped him work through challenges with love and support and helped him believe in himself- it is a gift I can never repay.

Lori Flynn


Soaring Eagles' social groups was a great addition to my children's summer activities. They enjoyed the weekly meetings and activities while learning to interact and engage with peers. Activities were always age appropriate, and a lot of fun for them. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with friends and looked forward to the next week's meeting. Jenny and Amanda are masters at connecting with each individual child and bringing forth the best in them.

Pleased Parent

Conveniently located in North Atlanta, Soaring Eagle Children’s Social Skills Play Group is easily accessible for families seeking autism play therapy in the Alpharetta, Forsyth County and Cherokee County areas.



Soaring Eagle Children offers Play Therapy, Individual In-Home Therapy, Tutoring and Autism Support Groups for families of children with autism and related disorders in the Atlanta, Georgia area..