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Social Skills Play Groups

Play Therapy - Growing Confidence and Teaching Empathy, One Activity at a Time

Soaring Eagle Children provides an inclusive Social Skills Play Group facilitated by ABA trained therapists. The Play Group is designed to provide children with a safe, fun and constructive environment where they can interact and learn together. Groups are comprised of a mix of children with autism and their typical peers, as well as individuals with anxiety, attention deficit, non-verbal, depression, sensory integration and anger management disorders. We firmly believe that inclusive play groups offer children a unique opportunity to learn respect and empathy for one another despite differences.

Components of the Social Skills Play Group

We create an active, engaging environment where your child will build the self-confidence necessary to comfortably interact with other kids. Our Social Skills Play Groups offer language-rich activities that vary each week. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is an overview of activities kids participate in during a typical Soaring Eagle Children Social Skills Play Group:

  • Welcome Social Circle - When the children arrive, we form a social circle. Each week we have different theme for the day, such as Sharing and Cooperating. We lead icebreaker activities to help the children begin to feel comfortable with one another. The children introduce themselves, ask questions and learn one another’s names.  
  • Social Story- With social stories that correspond with the theme of the day, we tell the children what is expected of them in a positive, encouraging manner. Each child then reads the social story to reinforce the concept.
  • Play Group Rules- We review the rules of the Play Group.
  • Activities- Participants will engage in different age-appropriate activities each week. All of the activities are designed to help children learn vital social skills like patience, communication, sharing and kindness. Some activities we’ve done in the past include:
  • Water Play
  • Relay Races
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Games
  • Woodworking
  • Music
  • Nature Walks
  • Bike Riding
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Science Labs

We also focus on coping with effective transitions between activities. By strengthening their ability to deal with transitions, the children will feel less stress when participating in activities at home, school and church.

  • Goodbye Social Circle- We form our Social Circle again. All of the children put their feet in a baby pool of dried rice for sensory input to help them focus. We conduct a wrap-up session where we talk about what the children accomplished today and how the activities applied to the rules and social story theme. If the younger kids behaved well they get a Mystery Box that contains a small prize. We tell the children what we will be doing in next week’s Play Group and then they are dismissed.

Conveniently located in North Atlanta, Soaring Eagle Children’s Social Skills Play Group is easily accessible for families seeking autism play therapy in the Alpharetta, Forsyth County and Cherokee County areas.



Soaring Eagle Children offers Play Therapy, Individual In-Home Therapy, Tutoring and Autism Support Groups for families of children with autism and related disorders in the Atlanta, Georgia area..