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Individual In-Home Therapy

In-Home Therapy - A World of Opportunity Opens from Inside the Home

Soaring Eagle Children offers an In-Home Therapy service for families of children with autism and related disorders in the North Atlanta area. Each family will work closely with a team comprised of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and three highly experienced, ABA trained therapists. The Behavior Analyst works with the team of therapists to help families address the behavioral needs of their children and learn strategies to improve social and self-help skills.

How the In-Home Therapy Program Works

  • In-Home Assessment- The BCBA will go into the home to work directly with the child and parents. Using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS), the BCBA will assess the child’s capabilities and needs.
  • Customized Therapy Plan- Based on the results of the assessment, the BCBA will create a customized therapy program to best meet the child’s needs. 
  • Initial Family Workshop- The BCBA and the team of therapists will lead an initial workshop for the whole family, including the child. The BCBA will provide an overview of the therapy plan and describe goals of the program. The team will work with the family to schedule future therapy sessions.
  • Ongoing Communication- After each therapy session, parents will review their child’s progress and discuss next steps. Open, honest communication and feedback is encouraged throughout all stages of therapy. The BCBA will observe all of the training associated with developmental milestones. 

Components of the In-Home Therapy Program

Every child is different. One child may need extra work learning coping mechanisms during table time while another child may need more time to focus on their gross motor skills. We tailor our therapy programs to best meet the needs of the individual child.

We aim to make daily routines more enjoyable in the home and the community. Below are some of the techniques that we employ during In-Home Therapy sessions:

  • Discrete Trial Training
  • Natural Environment Teaching
  • Interactive Play
  • Gross Motor Activities
  • Self Care and Hygiene

Soaring Eagle Children’s In-Home Therapy services are designed to identify, teach and reinforce children's appropriate behaviors. We teach language, social, self-help and other vital life skills within natural daily activities and family routines. With ongoing support and communication, our family-focused programs empower parents to provide a positive, consistent home environment that encourages the continual growth and success of their children.

Soaring Eagle Children’s In-Home Therapy services are available in the Alpharetta, Forsyth County and Cherokee County areas.



Soaring Eagle Children offers Play Therapy, Individual In-Home Therapy, Tutoring and Autism Support Groups for families of children with autism and related disorders in the Atlanta, Georgia area.