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Our Story

Soaring Eagle Children offers autism therapy programs in the Atlanta. area. The organization was founded by two sisters, Jenny Hiott and Amanda  Farmer, who share a passion for helping children fulfill their potential. Over the course of their careers in autism therapy and child development, Amanda and Jenny have worked closely with families facing a wide variety of challenges associated with behavioral disorders. The one commonality among all of the families they have worked with is a frustration with the lack of affordable, quality autism spectrum disorder therapy options available. Coming to terms with an autism diagnosis is overwhelming enough. Feeling as if there are no realistic options for treatment can have a crippling effect on a family.

Jenny and Amanda have witnessed the suffering that children with behavioral disorders experience when they cannot connect with the world around them. The weight of fear, loneliness and helplessness the children bear is palpable. They have also experienced the pain that families feel when their hope for a better life is let down by inadequate treatment resources. What is the point of spending time at play therapy when the activities provided are not age appropriate? How helpful is a comprehensive, in-home therapy service if you cannot afford it?

Amanda and Jenny are determined to provide a beacon of hope for families navigating the complex world of autism. With their combined experience and compassion, they have joined forces to offer better ABA treatment options for children with autism and the families who love them in North Atlanta. At Soaring Eagle Children, every child is given the opportunity they deserve to succeed. 



Autism Therapy Programs
Customized for individuals at all points within the autism spectrum, from infancy through adulthood.

Social Skills Play Groups
An inclusive play group facilitated by ABA trained therapists and designed to provide children with a safe, fun and constructive environment where they can interact and learn together.

Individual In-Home Therapy
Customized in-home therapy programs based on the assessment of the individual’s behavior skill sets by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

On-site individual and group school tutoring performed by certified teachers for students of all ages and grade levels.



Soaring Eagle Children offers Play Therapy, Individual In-Home Therapy, Tutoring and Autism Support Groups for families of children with autism and related disorders in the Atlanta, Georgia area..